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One Puppy Policy

Since all of our Labradors live in our home and not in kennels, when we have a new puppy, we are experiencing everything you do...crate and house training, teaching civilized behavior and obedience training.   We've raised two sets of puppies over the years and the experience has led to our policy limiting selling one puppy at a time to our Aisling Families.  We require a 4 month age difference in puppies before allowing a second puppy to be chosen.


"Raising two puppies is easier than one; they will entertain themselves and wear each other out."


Puppies must be crated separately, trained separately and socialized separately to avoid Litter Mate Syndrome.  

Puppies who are crated together can become dependent upon each and suffer separation anxiety when not together.


Some puppies have a passive play style; others are more aggressive.  The passive puppy may develop personality disorders later.
Even with similar temperaments, 2 pups together are going to raise the energy level risking injury to themselves and later as they grow, to their humans.
Raising Bree and Roamin' together, I had a leash burn across a foot; an injured hand from both of them deciding to launch themselves through the air at the same time into my lap and at least two broken lamps from "zoomies" happening out of nowhere with two young pups.
Successful training requires that the puppy's focus is on the trainer.  Training time is at a minimum doubled when raising two puppies at the same time.  Depending upon the puppies temperaments, it could be much longer!
Aisling's Policy
A minimum of four months difference in age

Our days are spent living with and training Labradors to understand what it is we want them to do.  Most families will not have the time to devote to this as we do.  For a lot of Breeders, returns and re-homing requests are often made from families who wanted two puppies at the same time.  

It is our goal that every puppy we produce goes to a forever home when they leave us.  Based upon our own experience and that hope for all of our puppies, our One Puppy Policy was born.  

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