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Available Older Dogs

Occasionally, we may have an older puppy or dog available. An owner's circumstances may have changed requiring a puppy or older dog be re-homed or returned to us here at Aisling. If you are interested in being placed on a waiting list; please fill out the contact form found below. Thank you. 

A special thanks to all of those who provided a home for the 7 puppies in our "foster litter" in 2023.  We purchased this litter from their breeder when a change in life circumstances made it impossible for their breeder to continue to socialize, train and find responsible homes for the puppies.  The litter was out of a son of our Roamin' and we wanted to ensure they remained out of puppy mills and out of the hands of inexperienced breeders.  Our Aisling Families responded by helping us find those puppies the best homes possible and new members of our family were added.  Our unending gratitude goes out to all who helped us find 7 11-week old puppies homes in 10 days!  

There are no older dogs currently available.

Older Dogs

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