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Traditional Dual Purpose Labrador Puppies for sale from AKC Registered Champion Lines
Aisling - dream, vision - Old Irish "aislinge"

Located in North Florida near St. Augustine's beautiful beaches and the city of Jacksonville.

Aisling Labs in our salt-water pool

Aisling Labrador's puppies for sale are bred for their health, temperament, the traditional retrieving and water drive.  We also strive for the more moderate build of Labradors of the past. Parents are health tested, screened for joint health and inbreeding co-efficiency is calculated in our program. The child of breeders myself, I have lived with and loved Labradors since 1967.

Breeding Philosophy at Aisling

About Us (Slide Show)

Jackson at Aisling Labradors
Our Jackson At Aisling

Puppy Pick Out and Up Days are part of why we do this.  The joy on the faces of each family member as they meet or arrive to take home their puppy makes lasting memories for all of us.  

Background audio on video

Artist: Seven Nations

Song: Waters Wide

See the full version of this and other videos on our Video Page and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more!  

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