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located near St. Augustine's beautiful beaches and the city of Jacksonville. 

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Aisling ~  dream, vision, from Old Irish aislinge; 

Hobby Breeders - As a small hobby breeder, our AKC Registered and Health Tested Labrador Retrievers are first and foremost members of our family. Our black, yellow and chocolate puppies are whelped in our home where they are socialized and prepared to go to their new homes at 8 weeks of age with a limited AKC registration.  Read more about our process on Socialization.

Breeding Philosophy:    Aisling Labradors are bred for their health, temperament, the traditional retrieving and water drive labradors are known for as well as the more moderate build of Labradors of the past.   Parents are genetically health tested and Inbreeding coefficiency is calculated in our program.  The child of breeders myself, I have had Labradors since 1967. You can read more about our goals on  "ABOUT US".

Whelped and Raised in our home

Outside adventures are in an enclosed paddock with K9 Kennel Grass



August 26th 2019 Chocolate Puppies

One Chocolate Male Available

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Video of the litter below

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Spring 2020 - Chocolate Puppies

Females - 2 Reservations Available

Males - 3 Reservations Available

Photo of Aisling's Peggy (2018 Litter)

Our Current Litter (born August 26th 2019) - These precious days when the puppies are small and so dependent upon their Dam go by so quickly; already they are beginning to get their feet under them to walk; their ears are opening, and their eyes will soon follow. Precious moments....

More Videos of past litters

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Spring 2020 Yellow Puppies

 Females - All Reservations are Sold

Male -Two Reservations Available

Spring 2020 Yellow Puppies

Females 1 Reservations available

Males 2 Reservations available

Photo of Aisling's Cecil with his new Mom


Important Information
Updated March 2018

We appreciate your taking the time to read this page and

the following linked pages prior to filling out our contact form found below.  

Many of your questions can be answered on these pages.

 Socialization / Training / Puppy Care / Genetic Testing Hip and Elbow Dysplasia

As small Hobby Breeders, we are not a kennel or a "facility".  Our dogs live in our home with us and all puppies are whelped and raised in our home and yard. We practice standard measures of bio-security for the safety of all of our dogs and our newborn puppies, for this reason we do not allow visits until after the age of five weeks and all visits are by appointment only.  We will provide references from our puppy families or from our Vet upon request. You can visit our Facebook Page or our Video's to see all of our pets, our Sire and Dams and past and current litter photos and videos.  

Approval Process: 

Our puppies are sold through an approval process that begins with the contact form found below. Please do not attempt to get around filling out this form by sending us an email directly; you will be asked to complete this form anyway. You will receive information on the full cost of an Aisling Puppy AFTER we have received your contact form; if you are interested in moving forward after hearing from us the first time, a reply is needed to move the approval proccess forward. 

We do not home our puppies through a first come-first served method, but one in which we get to know you, your understanding and expectations regarding this breed and the environment our puppies will be living in once they leave our home.  Please include as much information as you can; examples of what we like to read about are -  your experience or knowledge of the breed, and your reasons for wanting a Labrador Retriever, activities the dog will be participating in with your family, etc.; this information is then used at Puppy Pick Out appointments to guide you and us in choosing the right puppy for your family. 

We DO NOT approve adoptions of TWO puppies from the same litter OR from two litters unless the age difference of the puppies is a minimum of four months. For information on why we have made this policy decision, please read "Littermate Syndrome - The risky downside to raising Sibling Puppies".  This is also a policy based upon our own experiences raising two sets of two puppies in the past five years.  The time involved in socializing 2 puppies independently, training 2 puppies independently and teaching them calm and focused behavior when they are together is a huge committment; far better to have at least a four month age difference between puppies than to raise two any closer in age than that.

Holding Fee/Reservation Fee: $200.00 PayPal only

Holding Fees are made through PayPal (link below) after the approval process is completed.   We accept three reservations per litter per gender. Once all reservations are sold for the litter, upon request, we will add your name to a waiting list.  In the event that more than six puppies are born, we contact those on our waiting list before making those puppies available here.

Please do NOT make a holding fee payment before receiving approval.  Our reply to your contact form is NOT approval, it is the start of a conversation. A payment made prior to approval will be returned to you less any fees charged to us by PayPal. 

Our puppies are considered sold when a holding fee payment is received; a puppy is no longer made available to others; therefore holding fees are non-refundable.  We know that circumstances can change therefore we will move your reservation to another litter if you are unable to accept a puppy due to unforeseen circumstances.    

If for any reason, too few puppies are born to a litter or we are unable to fulfill your request for a specific gender or color out of an available litter, your reservation will automatically be transferred to the next available litter of the requested color or to an available litter/reservation of your choice. (Update 10/2018 - holding fees/reservation fees are forfeited after a puppy is refused from two consecutive litters.)  


Once a reservation has been placed, we will continue to communicate with you throughout the entire process.  You will receive an email when a girl comes into season, after the mating, upon confirmation of a pregnancy and upon the birth of the litter.  Your prompt response to these emails assures us that you remain committed to providing a home for one of the puppies.  A lack of communication may lead to the puppy being held for you being offered to another family and your reservation automatically transferring to the next available litter. A continued failure to respond to communication will result in the forfeiture of the holding fee. This is to ensure that all of our puppies have a home at 8 weeks of age. Thank you for your understanding of this policy. 

Final Payment Information :

Final cash payment of balance owed is due at the Puppy Pick Out appointment (see information below). We DO NOT allow the balance to be paid by PayPal.  More information will be found on the Contract/Receipt.

Puppy Pick OUT - Five or Six Week Visit

Puppy Pick Out days are typically held on the Saturday and/or Sunday following the litter's five week birthday although this can change depending on when a litter is born to allow more time to access individual temperments within the litter.   Visits are scheduled according to the order in which a reservation was received, however, as our goal is to improve the breed in the next generation, we reserve the right to choose to keep a puppy from any litter that shows breeding potential.  This may result in either a transferring of a deposit to the next litter,  or may make one or two puppies unavailable as a "first pick"  which will result in a later date for "Pick-Out" appointments for the gender we have chosen to keep (visits will still be scheduled for you to meet the litter and final payment will be due).  

Approximately four weeks after the whelping, we will contact you by email to schedule your appointment to pick out your puppy (with our guidance); you will need to confirm and attend your appointment in order to hold your place in the order of pick-out; if you are unable to attend the scheduled appointment,  you may schedule an appointment to come meet your puppy on the following Saturday.  Throughout the process, please update us with as much information as you can to aid us in guiding your puppy choice.  

AKC LIMITED Registration:

Puppies are sold under a Limited Registration and are to be spayed/neutered unless otherwise stated in the final Sales and Purchase Agreement; the litters are registered and the registration form to transfer registration of your puppy to you from us is provided to you when you pick up your puppy.  Registered names must include the pre-fix "Aisling's". Failure to register properly with the AKC voids the Breeder's Health Warranty. 

Note:  Registration to another organization as "Full" and/or without the pre-fix "Aisling's" will be a breach of contract.  There is an additional fee for a "Full" AKC registered puppy and additional sales and purchase terms including genetic testing as well as agreeing to be mentored by Aisling Labradors or another experienced breeder.  If you are interested in Full Registration, please let us know in the Contact Form. 

Pick UP Day (Going Home Day) - 8 weeks of age

Puppies go home at eight weeks old; Pick Up Day is nearly always on a Saturday to allow time for the puppy and the family to adjust before returning to week-day activities on Monday.  If vacation or other commitments require that your puppy remain here beyond the scheduled Pick Up Day, there is a $30.00 per day boarding fee beginning on Sunday/Monday depending upon the Pick Up Day scheduled for the litter; if the puppy is not picked up at the newly scheduled pick up appointment, he/she will be made available to another family.  ALL puppy sales are final subject only to Florida's Pet Laws and our Health Warranty.

Insurance: We provide Home Day Insurance from Trupanion with no waiting periods for accident or illness which may be activated during the 24 hours prior to pick-up and the 24 hours after pick-up. After 30 days, this insurance will expire but can be renewed with no lapse in coverage and no waiting periods if you so choose.  We also provide for the AKC insurance coverage, also free to you for 30 days, however, there is a waiting period of five days with that policy; again, after 30 days you may choose to renew it with no lapse in coverage or additional waiting period. 

Support Guarantee  

In the weeks leading up to Take Home Day, you will recieve documents through email with information on how to prepare for puppy's homecoming; information about the transition/honeymoon period, Crate and House Training etc.; these documents will answer nearly every question you may have as you begin life with your new puppy.   Even so, we are available for any questions you may have during your puppy's transition from our home to yours and throughout its lifetime. Do not hesitate to call us about feeding issues, training issues, or even to arrange to bring your puppy back for a visit!  

Private Facebook Groups: For each litter, a closed group is created on Facebook for the families to keep in touch and to exchange information and photographs. 

We appreciate your taking the time to read this page and

the following linked pages prior to filling out our contact form found below.  

Many of your questions can be answered on these pages.

 Breeding Process / Socialization / Puppy Care / Genetic Testing Hip and Elbow Dysplasia

Please note:  

If it appears that your contact form has not been sent, 

scroll up to be sure you have filled out all the fields.  



Thank you. Please do NOT make a deposit before receiving approval. This form is the start of a conversation to ensure that an Aisling Labrador is the right fit for your lifestyle. We will reply to your form with all the information you need from us to continue the conversation. Thanks again!
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Once the approval process is completed and you have confirmed that you want to reserve a puppy from a specific litter, the holding fee payment must be received within 24 hours through the PayPal button below.  In other words, we consider that reservation closed upon receiving your confirmation; after 24 hours, that reservation is considered to be open again and made available to others. 


Florida's Lemon Law for Dogs requires that puppies are not delivered to new owners until the age of 8 weeks and that they must be seen by a Veterinarian and receive all applicable vaccinations prior to delivery; the law also includes protection for the buyer of puppies against the following: Contagious or Infectious Disease; Congenital or Hereditary Defects for 1 year if a licensed veterinarian finds that your pet has a congenital or hereditary disorder, and your veterinarian certifies your pet was unfit at the time of purchase. An animal may not be determined unfit for sale on account of an injury sustained or illness contracted after the consumer takes possession of the animal. A veterinary finding of intestinal or external parasites is not grounds for declaring a dog or cat unfit for sale unless the animal is clinically ill because of that condition."