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Diseases spread easily to vulnerable puppies. Mom and I met Bree's Breeder at our mutual Vet.  The litter I would choose our Bree from was getting their vaccinations as part of their Health Certification. After making my choice, we brought home our Breagha Lass and spent some time introducing her to the pack. Afterwards, I put her into semi-isolation where she would spend the next ten days until we were sure she didn't have any health issues. Three nights later, Kona woke me up with the most horrible cough and a run down to our Vet confirmed that she had kennel cough.  Within the next 48 hours, Callie and Dreama would be coughing as well as our little Bree.  Another trip down to the Vet for more medication in the appropriate doses for the whole pack was needed.  Roamin' and Cain, and Mom's Labrador, our Itty Bitty Angel/Clementine all got mild cases.  But Everyone Was Vaccinated! All of our dogs were up to date on their vaccines and had not been off our property for the previous ten days.  So how did they contract Kennel Cough?   We brought it home from the Vet's office, Mom and I carrying it on our clothing. I'd sat on the floor loving on each puppy as it was set down after being vaccinated and those puppies were sneezing from that nasty stuff squirted up their noses.   That is all it took for a virus to spread through our pack.

We aren't a "kennel" or "facility", our dogs live in our home with us and play on the whole of the property.  Diseases spread easily to vulnerable puppies; to protect our pack and the puppy you may choose to share your life with, we follow best practices of biosecurity. 

Aisling's need for biosecurity has led to our Visitation Policy.   We totally understand that you may have read that only "bad" breeders restrict visitation; but the truth is that all good breeders understand the need for biosecurity if they take the health and safety of their dogs seriously.  Read on to find out all the details you need to understand the reasons behind our policy​.

Visits are by appointment only

When a litter is 5 weeks old

Puppy Pick OUT Day

Diseases like Kennel Cough, Canine Flu and the deadly Parvovirus can be unknowingly carried on the hands, clothing and shoes of anyone and everyone. Each of these diseases have an incubation period of 3 to 10 days. A visitor today could result in a pregnant but vaccinated Dam being asymptomatic for a strain of Parvo but whelping a litter 10 days later with Cardiac Parvo who will all die within 48 hours of becoming symptomatic. Or a visitor tomorrow could result in a six week old litter contracting the non-Cardiac version and all die within 48 hours or have compromised health throughout their lifetime if they survive. 

When a litter is 8 weeks old

Puppy Pick UP Day

Larger breeders who keep their dogs in concrete kennel/runs and have sidewalks that any visitors must walk to view (but not touch!) their dogs can afford to take chances that smaller breeders cannot.   We don't own a "facility" and our dogs live in our home and play in the whole of the property.

Every visitor to our home may be bringing in a communicable disease that will spread through our pack.  Knowing this, when our girls are about to come into season, are pregnant, or have a litter on-the-ground, we limit even the visits of our own family and friends.

Two Yellow Puppies

  • Please wear freshly laundered/clean clothing and make no stops on your way to your appointment; bring a change of clean soled shoes if you must stop between home and here.  

  • We ask that you wait at our gate upon arrival for someone to greet you and walk you to the viewing area

  • You will be asked to enter our puppy paddock without your shoes

  • You will be required to sanitize your hands prior to handling any puppy 

  • Children will be required to sit to hold or handle any puppy and if asked to leave the paddock must do so immediately

  • Please do not bring anyone other than your immediate family to make your choice (No Aunts and Uncles, nephew and nieces or neighbors - exceptions are made when immediate family cannot attend and a friend is along for the drive). 

We appreciate your understanding!​

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