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Aisling offers Labrador puppies for sale through a process in which we get to know you and the environment our puppies will be living in once they leave our home.  But before we get to the Contact Form, we want you to understand our policies and procedures.  Thanks for taking the time to read this page through.  

Jackson at Aisling


At Aisling Labradors of NE Florida, it is our goal to treat our customers as we wish to be treated and we expect the same from those to whom we extend this courtesy. Once a reservation has been placed, we will communicate with you throughout the entire process.  And we ask that in return, a prompt reply to our emails is received to confirm your ability to provide a home for the puppy being held for you.  Those on our waiting lists receive all the same communications as our reservation holders.

And the communication doesn't stop there.  Our Facebook and Instagram page are updated several times each week with updates on the litter's progress and with weekly videos in our "Watch Them Grow" series. 

Puppy Pick Out Day!

Pick UP Day!

Aisling Labradors puppies go home at 8 weeks of age with their first round of vaccinations completed and Health Certification as required by Florida Law.  Appointments are nearly always scheduled on the Saturday following their 8 week birthday.  Going home on a Saturday  allows the weekend for the family to help the pup transition before returning to work and school on Monday.  

A new Aisling Family


Your puppy comes home already microchipped.  We recommend registering with AKC ReUnite as it is the most used database for Pure Bred Dogs in the U.S.; a one-time registration fee allows you to update your information for the lifetime of your dog.  

Love at first sight

30 Days of Free Insurance

We provide 30 days of free insurance with no waiting period for accident and injury via Trupanion.  You will also be offered an additional 30 days of free coverage when you register your puppy with the AKC. We HIGHLY recommend that your puppy is insured for at least the first two years as this is when injury and illness are most likely.

Bonding with the new puppy

Lifetime Support

You will receive a puppy care packet in pdf form before Pick UP day to allow you time to learn or remember the best ways to feed, train and socialize your new family member. And we are always a phone call or email away!

The Approval Process

If you are interested in an older puppy or dog, please use the contact form on Available Older Dogs

Contact Us (Puppy Approval Process)

We, like most other Breeders, reserve the right to use a different stud for any breeding. There may be times when a stud is not available due to health or other issues which may result in a litter of a different color due to the coat color genes all Labradors carry.  The health and well-being of our Labradors comes first in all things. Thank you for your understanding.  We also reserve the right to choose to keep any puppy that shows promise for our breeding program and to transfer or refund any reservation for any reason.  

Proud to register with the AKC

Puppies are sold with a Limited AKC Registration and must be spayed or neutered at the appropriate age unless otherwise agreed.  Full Registration is available to approved families interested in showing or breeding their Labrador under additional terms and conditions.  The registered name of your puppy must include the prefix "Aisling's" to preserve your health warranty. 

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