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Learn how we got started, meet our pack and see the policies we have evolved to over the years of our experience as breeders.

Our Farmhouse built in 1909

I was an Air Force Brat.  

My husband a Navy Brat.

His family had GSD's.

Mine bred Labradors! 

Read our story to learn about whether we breed English or American Labradors.....

Three Labs Gazebo

Meet the Labradors with whom we share our life!  

One of the ENS steps with a Yellow Puppy

Socialization is one of the most important things a Breeder provides a litter.  It sets the stage for the rest of their lives. Read about how we socialize the litters at each stage of their growth.  

Angus as a puppy

We follow the vaccination protocol now being taught in all 27 Veterinary Schools in North America.  Read about it here so you can prepare to bring home your Aisling Puppy.

Puppy Pick UP Day Photo

Biosecurity is a issue for all breeders, but especially for those of us who don't house our Labradors in concrete kennel runs.  Learn about our policy here. 

Mocha & Latte as Puppies

We would love for you to have two (or more!) Aisling puppies share your life.  But we ask that there be a minimum of four months difference in age.  See why....

Latte and Kona with Latte's litter

Our favorite videos of Life 'Round Aisling and of our "Watch Them Grow" Series on Facebook.

Labradors in the Pool

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