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Preparing for homecoming day and beyond!

Callie a Doggie Disney World Pack Member

You've attended Puppy Pick Out Day and there's three weeks to get ready to bring home your new Aisling Puppy.  Now it's time to start getting ready - this page can get you started.

Our Handsome Raising A Little Cain at Aisling

Learn about the studies that have been done that indicate that delayed spaying and neutering is the best thing for your Labrador.

Amazon Shopping List

There's lots of things to buy to get ready for your new companion!  Check out our New Puppy Shopping List for the things we bring in for our own puppies. 

hip dysplasia graphic

Did you know that Labradors are the most tested breed in the OFA database?  Despite that, nearly 12% of selectively bred Labs still are diagnosed with the disorder.  Learn about the importance of the environment provided from birth to 12 months in protecting joint health.

Doggy Dan The Online Dog Trainer Graphic

There are five golden rules we follow  which allow us to live with multiple Labradors in our home instead of housing them in concrete kennels.  Read about the training method we use 'round Aisling.

Elbow Dysplasia Graphic

Learn about this disorder and how you can help prevent it by providing the proper environment (food, exercise, surfaces) for your Labrador.

Puppy in a bowl

This is mostly an "extra page".  As a Breeder, I am always on the lookout for the best practices in breeding healthy litters.  This page is primarily written for other breeders doing the same as me in that regard, but, there is also something for  new puppy parents as well. 

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