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Traditional Dual Purpose Labrador Retrievers
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"True Labrador Retriever temperament is as much a hallmark of the breed as the "otter" tail. The ideal disposition is one of a kindly, outgoing, tractable nature; eager to please and non-aggressive towards man or animal. The Labrador has much that appeals to people; his gentle ways, intelligence and adaptability make him an ideal dog.  

 Labrador Breed Standard

Our Boys

The height at the withers for a dog is 22-1/2 to 24-1/2 inches (22-1/2 inches UK standard). Any variance greater than 1/2 inch above or below these heights is a disqualification. Approximate weight of dogs and bitches in working condition: dogs 65 to 80 pounds (UK: “Chest of good width and depth, with well sprung barrel ribs – this effect not to be produced by carrying excessive weight.”)

Terremere's Raising a Little Cain at Aisling

Son of Shadybry's Raising Cain at Terremere

English/Show Champion Lines 

Willcare, Chambray, Weikenlin, Venetian

Call Name: Little Cain

Phenotype: Chocolate

Genotype: (Coat Color) EEbb (no hidden Yellow {e})

Little Cain, a "milk" chocolate, has the traditional temperament of the Labrador Retriever; while he loves to retrieve and swim, he is content to simply "be" with his humans.  

His gentleness is evidenced with his interactions with each litter born during his lifetime here at Aisling; he can be trusted to gently play with them and is often used as a helper to round them up after free play. Cain is out of both Show/Conformaton and Field/Trial lines.  He is 22 1/2 inches tall and weighs 85 lbs. 

Little Cain sired two litters in 2019 and appears to have passed on his gentle and calm nature to his offspring.  #BestPuppyEver - I've raised a lot of Labrador Puppies (two since Cain) and I don't see his losing that hashtag - unless it's to one of his offspring!

Cain will have puppies available for sale in 2021.  

Quail Meadow's Dunroamin' at Aisling

English/Show Champion Lines

Grandquest, Ridge View, Lubberline, 

Call Name: "Roamin"

Phenotype: Yellow

Genotype: eeBB (no hidden Chocolate {b})

Birth: May 30th 2018 

A traditional Labrador with the moderate body structure and block head that Labs are known for, like Little Cain, Roamin's first love is to be with his human's. His temperament includes the traditional desire to "stick around" and be ready for the next command that I remember from the Labradors of my childhood.  Even at play in the free yard with the pack, a simple "Roamin', inside with me" will have him breaking away and entering the house.

Bred under a philosopy similar to ours (see About Us for details), he fits perfectly into our Breeding Program. Like our Little Cain, he was bred from both Show/Conformation and a bit further back in his pedigree than Little Cain's, Field/Trial lines.  Roamin' is 22 1/2  inches tall and weighs 80 lbs.  

Roamin' will Sire his first litters in 2020.  

Our Girls

The height at the withers for a bitch is 21-1/2 to 23-1/2 inches (UK: 21 1/2 to 22 inches.) Any variance greater than 1/2 inch above or below these heights is a disqualification.  Approximate weight of  bitches in working condition:  bitches 55 to 70 pounds. (UK: “Chest of good width and depth, with well sprung barrel ribs – this effect not to be produced by carrying excessive weight.”)

Passport's Breagha Lass at Aisling

International Show Champion Lines

Stoneleigh, Atlantic, Gateway, Dickendall

 Great Grandfather - CH Gateway's Nothin' But Trouble

Call Name: Bree

Phenotype: Yellow

Genotype: eeBB (no hidden Chocolate {b})

Our Bree is out of international Champion Show/Conformation lines. Her temperament is that of the traditional Labradors I knew as a child.  Easily trained, gentle and loving, she retains the water and retrieve drives that make the Labrador unique.  Her lovely Yellow coat ranges in color from Fox Red to nearly white Angel Wings at her shoulders.  Her growth has been slow and steady, a genetic trait that is shown to protect hips and elbows in the medium and large size breeds.  

Bree  will have puppies for sale in 2021

Tru-Heart's More Organized Chaos at Aisling

Call Name "Mocha"

Phenotype Chocolate

Genotype bbEE (no hidden Yellow)

English/Show Champion Lines 

Bonaventure, Majestx, Willcare, Chambray

whelp date July 29 2019

Mocha is the Granddaughter of our Kona of the Storm; she inherited her Dam and Grand Dam's dark chocolate coat.  She loves to retrieve and be in the water whenever possible.  From the Grand Sire (Shadybry's Raising Cain at Terremere) and Sire, she inherited the slower and healthier rate of growth and the calm, attentive temperament of the traditional Labrador.   Very easy to train with a high intelligence.  

Mocha temperament allowed her to be a part of Aisling's Nana stroke recovery in the summer of 2020; Nana took over Mocha's indoor training which allowed Nana to also incorporate her physical therapy exercises into the routine she established with Mocha's training.  For a dog so young (10 months), this was an amazing thing to watch as Mocha instinctively knew to slow down and gentle her every movement as Nana regained her strength.  They were constant companions for nearly a month. 

Mocha will have Chocolate puppies available for sale in the fall of 2021.  

Aisling's Cocoa Latte (at Nikki's)

Call Name Latte (LaLa)

Sire: Terremere's Raising A Little Cain at Aisling

Dam: Tru-Heart's Kona of the Storm (at Aisling)

Phenotype: Chocolate

Genotype: bbEE (no hidden Yellow)

English/Show Champion Lines 

Willcare, Chambray, Weikenlin, Venetian

Whelped August 26 2019

Our Latte lives with our daughter - literally "at Nikki's.  She is the spitting image of her Dam with the calm #BestPuppyEver temperament of her Sire.  While she loves to retrieve and would be happy living in water, her energy is calm enough to be the best friend of our 3 year old Grandson.  She loves to be  anywhere her boy may be.  Nikki says that she just might be the #BestFemalePuppyEver.  Latte will return to Aisling for breeding and whelping and has stayed here long enough to feel that this is her second home.

 Latte will have Black puppies for sale in the fall of 2021 with our Roamin'. 

Introducing "Aisling's Jet Black to the Future"

Call Name "Jette" (Jet)

Sire: Quail Meadow's DunRoamin' at Aisling

Dam: Tru-Heart's Kona of the Storm (at Aisling) - Retired

English/Show Champion Lines

Grandquest, Ridge View, Lubberline, 

Phenotype: Black

Genotype: BbEe (Carries all three colors)

Jette was born to Roamin' and Kona on 7/15/2020 and was our "Keeper Puppy".  From the moment she was born, she had my heart due to the shape of her head and tail and as she grew, her temperament drew me to her over and over again as I narrowed our choices down from 7 to 4 to 2 and then finally, to our Jette.  With 16 puppies "on the ground" and in the same play-yard, there were two who hung in the center rather than rush the panels to be greeted.  One was a little boy now called "Bodhi" and the other was Jette; those two would wait for the others to calm down or for me to acknowledge them before coming to the panels.  The other puppies also had a natural respect for Jette, always approaching her and offering a "puppy bow" invitation to play rather than just expecting her to get in the mix.  This laid back nature was an important factor in our choosing her, not only because she will be part of a large "pack" here at Aisling who all live in the house with us(!), but because that is the temperament we seek to encourage in the puppies produced here at Aisling...calm and steady but always ready for the next great water or field adventure. 

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Our Retired Girls

Tru-Heart's Kona of the Storm at Aisling - RETIRED 

Kona = leeward of the island; sheltered from the wind; calm side of an island

Of the Storm = literally, the daughter of Storm

Call Name: Kona

Phenotype: Chocolate (Dark)

Genotype: EEbb (no hidden Yellow {e})

Our Foundation Girl.  Kona has the traditional, moderate body structure and head of the Labrador's I knew as a child.  Her Dam was a Show/Field cross and her Sire a Show/Conformation line.  She loves the water and her retrieve drive is strong and she was always the first up and into the RV and the last to come inside the house when we returned home. 

Her beautiful coat is a rich chocolate so dark as to sometimes fool visitors into believing she is black (pictured with our Black Angus above).  The dark chocolate is the prefered color for conformaton and has been passed on to nearly 100% of her off-spring. 

Her gentleness is one of her most endearing traits and she loves to cuddle up with her humans - a hallmark of the Labradors of old who had the energy and drive required to work beside their Masters and yet were content to lay near their feet and hearth when asked. 

Terremere's Dream A Little Dream At Aisling - Retired

Call Name - Dreama

Aisling ~  dream, vision, from Old Irish aislinge

Phenotype: Yellow

Genotype: eeBB (no hidden Chocolate {b})

Our second Foundation Girl, Dreama is out of Field/Trial lines with ancestral Show/Conformation in her pedigree. Dreama is the Labrador that never meets a stranger whether it be human or canine.  She is always a favorite at the camping ground due to her friendly and fun loving nature. She exhibits the traditional water and retrieve drive and the natural curiousity and lack of fear of the traditional Labrador.  

Her most endearing trait is how she invites other dogs into whatever her Pack is involved in. At the beach, she will run to the shore to invite other dogs to come in and play and has succeeded in getting even the most fearful of them into the water with her.