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Our Pack!

The Labradors We Share Our Life With !

Kindly, outgoing, eager to please and non-aggressive

True Labrador Retriever temperament is as much a hallmark of the breed as the "otter" tail. Labrador Breed Standard

Roamin' at Aisling

Quail Meadow's Dunroamin' at Aisling

English/Show Champion Lines

Grandquest, Ridge View, Lubberline,

Call Name: "Roamin"

Phenotype: Yellow

Genotype: eeBB (no hidden Chocolate {b})

Roamin' & Latte will have puppies for sale of 2023

Jackson at Aisling

Quail Meadows General Jackson (at Aisling)

English/Show Champion Lines


Call Name: Jackson

Phenotype: Chocolate

Genotype:  bbEE (no hidden yellow)

Jackson and Jette will have puppies for sale in 2023

Aisling's Cocoa Latte

Aisling's Cocoa Latte 

Dam: Kona (Retired)

Sire: Little Cain (Retired)

English/Show Champion Lines 

Willcare, Chambray, Weikenlin, Venetian

Call Name Latte 

English/Bench Plus Field Lines for a more traditional build

Phenotype: Chocolate

Genotype: bbEE (no hidden Yellow)

Roamin' and Latte will have puppies for sale in 2023

Aisling's Jette

Aisling's Jette Black to the Future

Call Name: Jette 

Dam: Kona (Retired)

Sire: Roamin'

English/Bench Champion Lines

Grandquest, Ridge View, Lubberline, 

Phenotype: Black

Genotype: BbEe (Carries all three colors)

Jackson & Jette will have puppies for sale in 2023

Aila at Aisling

Aila-Bringer of Light to Aisling

Sire: Ashe XVI

Labroland International Champions/Windup International Champions/Sureshot/Razzle Dazzle

Dam:  Winter IG Labs 

Danfer Labs/Chablais/Ranbourne/Sandylands

Phenotype: Yellow

Genotype: B*ee 

Roamin' & Aila will have puppies for sale in 2024


Introducing Ceilidh (Kaylee)



International Show Lines

Registered AKC Name: 

von Hause CK&B Labradors Maona at Aisling

Sire: Rosslyn's Vogue Herbu Zadora

Hoffmann's, Saddlehill, Dickendall, Lobuff, Zinfindel, Hyspire


Dam: Formosa Herbu Zadora 

Mambrinos, Kimvalley, Jayncourt, Sandylands, Langshott, 


Phenotype: Black

Genotype: B*E* 

Our Retired Dogs

Day after day, the whole day through --
Wherever my road inclined --
Four-feet said, "I am coming with you!"
And trotted along behind.
Rudyard Kipling
Little Cain at Aisling - Retired

Terremere's Raising a Little Cain at Aisling

Bree at Aisling - Retired

Passport's Breagha Lass at Aisling

 Mocha At Aisling - Retired

Tru-Heart's More Organized Chaos at Aisling

Kona at Aisling - Retired

Tru-Heart's Kona of the Storm at Aisling

Dreama at Aisling - Retired

Terremere's Dream A Little Dream At Aisling

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